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Sudokus para niños con soluciones

Gratis. Muchos sudokus para niños, en descarga pdf  listo para imprimir gr


sudoku soluciones


Easiest Sudoku (4 x 4 grid)

Easiest Sudoku sample

Easy Sudoku (6 x 6 grid)

Easy Sudoku sample 1

Standard Sudoku (9 x 9 grid)

Standard Sudoku sample 1

Moderate Sudoku (9 x 9 grid)

Moderate Sudoku sample

Tricky Sudoku (9 x 9 grid)

Tricky Sudoku sample

Sudoku Extra - Standard, with a hidden code word to find (exclusive to Activity Village)

Sudoku Extra puzzle number 1

Sudoku for Kids
120 carefully graded,
printable sudoku puzzles
for kids, for instant
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You will need Acrobat Reader, available to download free from, to open the files.

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